May 5, 2020
Greetings Troop,

It is a good time to be in Scouting and especially in Troop 202.  

Despite the disappointing news about Summer Camp, I believe it is the right thing to keep us all safe.  We have been anticipating this with all the meetings and conversations I and many others have been having over the past weeks.  We often get to see our true character and grow in challenging times.  I believe Troop 202 is already rising to the challenge and I am glad to have such company to join me in this challenge.  

Troop 202 is still moving on despite this announcement and as you can see we have an alternative Summer camp framework already in place; last night Alex Odle, Mr. Brown, Alex Brown and our SPL gathered to work on our May 15-17 outing.  I am excited about the plan and you should be hearing about this very soon.  Patrols are meeting; Merit Badges; Troop meetings have had 50+ attendees weekly and we will be gathering our Troop Committee Thursday to discuss all of the great Troop activity. We are crushing it despite COVID.  Way to go Troop 202. 

Thank you Mrs. Gormley for getting all of this important information out in this rapidly changing environment.  Did you notice when this email was sent 2:23 AM.  That is going above and beyond.  The Council announcement came out less than 24 hrs ago and we met and got this information out within that same time.  Thank you also to our Senior Patrol Leader, Mrs. Ascioti our Outings Committee member, Mr. Considine, Advancement Chair and Mrs. Van Horn, Treasurer for raising good questions and speaking into the changes.  

Don't be just a consumer be a contributor.  Each of us have a role in contributing to the success of this Scouting from Home time, Virtual May Outing and altered Summer Camp.  Participation and showing up for Troop meetings, Outings; Summer Camp; Leading your Patrol with regular communication, creative patrol gatherings,  getting creative with all of our Scouting from Home activities.  Working your own rank advancement plan. 

I am proud of you and your Troop and appreciate you. Please reach out with your questions or assistance.  With all of the planning and conversations that are going on, we may not have all answers right away but we are "Doing our Best" to get answers to you as soon as we have them.  

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Dziwlik

Scoutmaster Troop 202
  April 22, 2020
Greetings Troop,

I wanted to address you about this weekend's virtual campout. For me, I am looking forward to getting out of the house and participating in the April 25th activities, including learning about setting up a camp, making a DIY mask, emergency preparation kit, advancement skills, campfire, S'mores, Scouts' own. Many of you experienced campers will find it relaxing. I also understand some of you may be a little nervous about participating for a variety of reasons. Questions about weather, equipment, meals, not ever doing this before could all make you question participating.  

I want to encourage each of you as Scouts, as families, to participate and engage in this opportunity based on your personal goals. For some of you, it might be just trying and getting out of the house. For others, this is a great opportunity to log onto virtual sessions and learn. Several of you told me you are going to be getting some camp cooking requirements completed. You could be showing off your mad Scout skills to your parents and siblings. Mrs. Dziwlik loves it when I show her a cool Scout trick. Yet others, it is a great chance to try out some gear with the safety of your house a few steps away. Whatever your goals, how ever long you are outside or able to join us, I encourage you to sign up for the virtual campout.

I am excited for this opportunity. Owen Ascioti and his team have planned something for every troop Scout and family. Join us to the level you desire, and I look forward to seeing you sometime on Saturday. It's too bad we don't have "smell-a-vision" on Zoom. Can't you smell my Dutch oven cobbler already?  

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Jay Dziwlik

Scoutmaster Troop 202

    April 14, 2020
Greetings Troop,

I thought it good for me to reach out to you and provide an update on the troop. If you told me even a month ago the world would look like it does today, I wouldn't have believed it.  These are certainly unprecedented times. Schools, businesses, graduations, sporting events and churches all temporarily closing or cancelling. BSA joined as a good citizen in the effort to reduce the COVID spread. We temporarily suspended all of the in-person activities since March 12th. It is unclear when things will return to "normal".

Despite these times of social distancing, online school, and remote working, Troop 202 is thriving. This last month has seen some amazing resilience, creativity and a continuation of virtual Scouting at home.  Here are some things I am proud of with Troop 202 pivoting to help Scouting's mission:

- Virtual Troop meetings started up March 25th and we plan to continue them until normal gatherings can resume. The Public Health and Painting merit badges have been covered, as well as reminders for youth protection and online rules for Scouting.
- I have held various Scoutmaster Conferences online and arranged for a few boards of reviews for rank advancements.
- With the cancellation of the New Scout Campout; our Troop Guides created a online New Scout Camp-IN. So far, 16 of our 22 new Scouts to the troop have earned their first rank.
- The new leadership term has begun, and all of our new team under our new Senior Patrol Leader, James, have been trained and will be inducted this week at the troop meeting.  James planned three leadership training sessions to get his team up to speed.
- The new SPL led his first Patrol Leader Council this past Saturday, and I am excited about the upcoming month of meetings to include Game Design Merit Badge this week and an introduction to Photography next week.
- We are planning a virtual online court of honor for April 29th.
- Plans are in the work for a family virtual campout for Saturday, April 25th. Our hopes are to have families join us by doing some backyard camping.  We are working to create virtual online Scout skill sessions or stations. Mark your calendar.
- Thursday we have invited Life Scouts together to hear about new online procedures for Scouts working toward Eagle rank.

I want to share my heart on a couple of things ..

1 - I am so proud of your resilience, problem solving and creativity in this time.  Scouting teaches these life lessons regularly, and its great to see you practicing these during this time.
2 - If you have not participated in some of the Scouting from Home activities yet, I want to encourage you. It is a great time to come back to troop meetings. It is a great break from the routine. You should check the weekly email from the SPL to connect every Wednesday at 7:15 pm.
3 - Just because we are not gathering doesn't mean you can't move forward in Scouting. This is a good time to work on merit badges and rank advancement.  Check out the troop website and click on the picture of a house on the home page to see the Scouting from Home resources.

If you have any questions on the troop or on how to Scout from Home, reach out.  Our troop is strong with many resources.  

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Dziwlik, Scoutmaster

    April 11, 2020
Greetings Troop,

Ok, we have all heard "live by the Scout Oath and Law" and we should, but what does that look like day in and day out?  What does trustworthy look like in a picture?  Clean?  Reverent?  Obedient?  

My challenge this week is to "see" a picture of you living a portion or part of the Scout Oath and Law.  Let me see how creative you can be.  Sending them to me at

Yours in Scouting,  Mr. Dziwlik

    March 29, 2020
Troop 202,

What a great first virtual troop meeting.  It was great to see 52 of your faces as we gathered virtually to learn how we can "Scout Online".  If you missed it, you should check out options.  I have seen online merit badge work; boards of review; Eagle project planning; online patrol meetings and Scout rank advancement.  

Now more than ever, Scouting is a great way to take a break from school work,  gaming, and just being around the house to try a new Scout Skill.  

I have a challenge for you this week.  With your parents permission/involvement, review the keys to fire safety and starting a fire.  You can find this in your Scout book using the index and or online at Fire Building Scout Skill of the Day to learn how a Scout responsibly deals with a campfire. 

I would love to see a picture of you and your campfire.  You can forward them to me at  (Copy your parent or another adult for Youth Protection.)

Here is mine. 
  Yours in the Spirit of the Mystic Fire, Mr. Dziwlik

March 22, 2020

Greetings Troop,
These past two weeks have certainly been uncharted waters for all of us.  I trust this finds you and your family well.  A crisis like this reminds us of two things.  We don't take "normal" days for granted.  Sometimes "normal" is really really good.  Second, a crisis is something Scouts know how to interact and lead through.  Be prepared is not just a motto, it is a life skill.  We learned long ago that washing hands was good as a Scout is clean.   I am proud that our Troop is moving forward.  You will be hearing more from your SPL about our Virtual Troop activities.
  Yours in Scouting, Mr. Dziwlik, T202 Scoutmaster