April 24, 2020 

Amazing job to everyone that is helping to keep troop meetings running during quarantine. We will continue to meet very Wednesday online in zoom calls to keep our scout skills sharp and to have fun so I encourage you to attend the troop meetings. We will continue to work to find alternate options to camp and do activities that we would normally do at a scout meeting. We currently do not know when we will return to in person meetings but keep a look out for announcements regarding weekly online meetings. Thanks again.

  Your SPL

March 22, 2020

Troop 202,
Good Evening Troop, I hope everyone is well. This Wednesday we will start our weekly troop meetings. You may ask "How are we doing this?" Over the website Zoom we will be having intriguing troop meetings going over Merit Badges and many other fun things. Every week I will be sending out an email going over the meeting and also the code to get in to those meetings. These meetings will start at 7:15 and last for about an hour. Thank you all for sticking with us through these times of inconvenience and don't forget to "do your best". I welcome all scouts to join and listen in as we discuss the up coming events and strategy's to continue on this journey. I Can't wait for you all to join me on Wednesday.