Advancement in Troop 202
Advancement in a Boy Scout troop occurs at the initiative of the Scout.  Each boy grows and matures at his own pace.  Advancement is not a competition among Scouts, but a challenge to each Scout to do his best.

Before and at the New Scout Campout, the new Scouts will have an oppportunity to complete the requirements for the Scout rank.  You can help by reviewing the child abuse and cyber safety pamphlet in the front of the book with your son prior to the New Scout Campout.  When you have reviewed it, please remove the pamphlet.  That will let us know you've done it.

After earning Scout rank, a boy may begin work on Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class ranks.  The ranks may be worked on simultaneously, but must be earned in order.  Parents may not sign off a complete item.  Instead, the Scout may approach older Scouts in the troop who are Star, Life, or Eagle rank and explain what he has done or learned.  (He will be able to identify them by the star, heart, or Eagle Scout patch on their uniform pocket.)

Please realize that this process of finding an older Scout, discussing the requirement, and getting it signed off is more than just a paperwork annoyance.  By completing these steps, your son is learning to communicate more effectively, seek and use resources, and advocate for himself.

Once requirements for a rank are complete and signed off by an older Scout, the boy may approach Mr. Dziwlik (Scoutmaster) to request a conference.  After a successful conference, he should go to the board of review coordinator to ask for a board of review.

Once a boy passes First Class rank, the process is different.  He'll learn about that later.

After your son has registered as a Boy Scout (turned in an application and registration fee), he will be given access to our Troopmaster Web recordkeeping system where he can check his official Scouting records and report changes as needed.