Your Gear
You do not need to invest a large amount in gear as you join Troop 202.  Your membership fees in the troop help to pay for tents and cooking equipment, so the individual gear you need to own is minimal.

You need a durable, refillable (not disposable) water bottle, a simple mess kit consisting of a plate or bowl and eating utensil, rain gear, and a sleeping bag.  Typically, Scouts prefer a sleeping bag rated around 20 degrees.  When the weather is hot, you can unzip the bag, and when the weather is very cold you can use a fleece blanket as a liner.  Most Scouts also like to have a sleeping pad under their sleeping bag for comfort.

Besides these basic camping items, you need clothing and closed-toe shoes that are suitable for the weather and planned activities.

A packing list for a fair weather weekend campout can be found here:  PACKING LIST

You'll receive more specific packing instructions for summer camp and for any outing that requires special gear.

Troop 202 has a
GEAR MART of used gear available for purchase at garage sale prices.