Troop Meetings in Troop 202
Regular attendance at troop meetings is the very best way to get started in Boy Scouting! 

Troop meetings are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 8:30PM.  There is no regular meeting during Carmel Clay schools spring break, while the troop is at summer camp, or during Christmas break.

We do understand if your son will have conflicts and will not be able to attend some troop meetings.  We hold meetings every week to maximize the opportunities for all boys in our large troop to participate on a regular basis despite their other interests and commitments.  If your son has an upcoming conflict (school concert, out of town, etc.), he should let his Patrol Leader know so that he can learn what he missed.  If he will miss a series of meetings, for instance if he just found out his spring soccer practice is on Wednesday evenings, it's very helpful if he lets his Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster know.  That keeps us from wondering if he has lost interest or has a concern that has not been addressed.

Parents are welcome at meetings too!  If you can't stay for the troop meeting, we still like having you in our closing circle at the end of the meeting to hear announcements, and recognition of the achievements completed or reported during the meeting.