Safety in Troop 202
Your son's safety is our utmost concern.  To ensure that each boy in the troop is safe from physical and other harm, we ask you to partner with us in putting in place these safeguards:

- With your son, complete the Troop 202 Code of Conduct CODEOFCONDUCT

- Immediately, submit a current health form
- For weekend campouts, only Part A/B are needed.
- The immunizations section must be filled in, not just marked as complete/current.
- For summer camp, parts A/B/C are needed.

- When your son attends an outing, let us know if he needs to take medications.
- Note critical medications under "Special Considerations" when you sign him up.
- Turn in medications when you bring him for departure.
- All medications must be in the original bottle, in a ziploc bag, with his name on the bag.
- Adults will administer medications, but it is your son's responsibility to take them.
- A Boy Scout troop is boy-led.  Adults will step in if needed to ensure safety, but not efficiency.
- Adult training and background checks help us ensure a safe environment for our youth.
- All adults who attend outings, drive Scouts, or particpate regularly must do training.