Learning Boy Scout Skills in Troop 202
Your son has just entered a much larger "playground" for learning Scouting skills as well as leadership and collaboration skills.  As he learns, please be patient with him, and challenge yourself to stand back and let him experiment. 

If you want to jump in and help, consider helping someone else's son instead of your own.  This allows you to be present and share the experience without depriving your son of the freedom to learn his strengths and limitations.

Also consider learning some new skills yourself.  The troop needs more adults who are trained in safety-related training to support activities at our outings.  Regardless of whether you plan to register in an adult position and commit a lot of time to Scouting, you can also learn some Scoutcraft skills (cooking, knots, camping, hiking, canoeing, orienteering, etc.) so that you can enjoy the activities and support our youth.  Talk to our troop's adult Training Coordinator if you're looking for training opportunities.