Preparing Your Uniform for Boy Scouts
When you cross over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, you are ready to remove most of the Cub Scout insignia from your uniform.  The exceptions are your Arrow of Light patch, religious emblem patch, and Messenger of Peace if you earned them.

Here's what you'll need:
- Khaki Boy Scout shirt
- The round purple World Crest patch
- Crossroads of America council shoulder strip (several styles are available at the Scout Shop)
- Your patrol patch (once a patrol name is decided and a patch is selected)
- The U.S. flag and BSA logo are already on the shirt when you buy it.
- We will provide the Troop 202 numerals when you submit a paid application.

While you're at the Scout Shop, also pick up a Boy Scout Handbook. 

If you need assistance with the cost of your uniform, please talk to Mrs. Gormley (Committee Chair) or Mr. Ziegele (Scoutmaster).  Uniform assistance is a available.

You do not need to buy a neckerchief or slide.  Those will be award when you reach First Class rank.

You also do not need to buy pants, a belt, socks, and other uniform accessories unless you want to.  When you are older and want to participate in some Order of the Arrow, Firecrafter, National Youth Leadership Training, or other official activities, you will need the complete uniform.

You may purchase optional Troop 202 items, but you're not required to.  Class B t-shirts are typically offered for sale around Summer Camp time.
  If you are a first-year Scout and you attend Summer Camp with Troop 202, you will receive a free Troop 202 t-shirt.  When you register for camp, you'll be asked what size you need.  Additional shirts for Scouts or adults are available for $10 each.