Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Mentor to Quartermaster   

Incumbent:  Mr. Taylor, Mr. Gilhooly, Mr. Nadella, Mr. Pyatt

  • provide coaching and training to the youth Quartermasters
  • work with the youth Quartermasters to maintain a multi-year plan for gear replenishment
  • recommend gear upgrades and replacements based on the equipment budget
  • guide the youth Quartermaster in maintaining an itemized inventory of all gear including specifications and replacement value
  • coach the youth Quartermaster on creating and executing effective procedures for gear issue and return
  • meet with the youth Quartermasters to develop goals for their term, consistent with the job description and the troop goals
  • coach Scouts on the correct use and care of equipment
  • ensure legal and insurance requirements for gear and vehicles are met
  • chair the Equipment sub-committee of the Troop Committee