Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Popcorn Sale    

Troop 202 Popcorn Fundraising:

Get ready to fund your Scouting activities and support our council!

Each Scout in Troop 202 is expected to support the annual popcorn sale by selling at least $200 worth of popcorn products.  Sales may be done door to door, to friends and family, online, at a local venue of your choosing (with permission from the property owner or event manager), or at Troop 202 group selling venues. 

By participating in the popcorn sale, a Scout also earns funds to pay for his Scouting activities.  The split of profit between the Scout and Troop 202 is 50/50 for the first $200 of popcorn sold.  The overall profit for popcorn sales is typically around 32¢ to 36¢ per dollar of sales, so half of that amount will go to the Scout's account to be used for Scouting activities.  As an extra incentive for higher sales, the Scout's profit split increases with sales volume. 

It is our expectation that every Scout in the troop participates, as this is the only required fundraiser of the year.  Our annual registration fee is kept as low as possible, but we depend on this fundraising income to supplement it.  Likewise, the council depends on income from the popcorn sale to fund programs for disadvantaged youth.

What happens if a Scout does not participate in the popcorn sale?  We're trying to make it as easy as possible to participate by providing popcorn you can sell from inventory and by scheduling some troop sales venues.   However, if you elect not to participate or you sell less than $200 of popcorn, a fundraising fee of $80 will be added to your registration fee when we re-charter. 

2019 Popcorn Sale Key Dates:
- Initial order due to T202 Popcorn Kernel August 14
- Pick up (by appointment) pre-ordered popcorn August 21-23
- Start date for selling "Take Order" or "Show & Sell" items August 24
- Deadline to submit Fundraising Fee to T202 if not selling October 9
- Deadline to return any unsold "Show & Sell" inventory October 15
- Deadline to turn in money for "Show & Sell" popcorn sold October 20
- Deadline to submit orders for "Take Order" sales October 20
- Pick up "Take Order" popcorn for delivery to customers November 13-15
- Deadline to submit money for "Take Order" sales November 13