Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Patrol Advisor   

Incumbents:  See below.

  • coach and mentor the Patrol Leader
  • help direct Scouts to appropriate youth resources within the troop for answers to their questions
  • meet with the Patrol Leader to set appropriate goals for his term, consistent with his job description and the troop goals
  • participate in troop meetings regularly
  • Participate in outings as often as you are able
  • reinforce the Patrol Method, including use of Duty Rosters for outings
  • monitor attendance and participation by Scouts in the patrol
  • with the Patrol Leader, monitor morale and performance of the patrol and provide coaching when needed
  • provide guidance to Grubmasters for outings, approving their menu and answering questions as needed
  • encourage the patrol to earn the National Patrol Award
  • assist with semiannual inventories of all Scouts in the patrol --- prior to summer camp and prior to re-charter --- to understand if they are still active participants in the troop

Current Troop 202 Patrol Advisors:
Patrol Advisor
Rocket Powered Rockets Mr. Gladura
Space Llamas Mr. Considine
Alpha Wolves Mr. Wasik
Banana Bandits Mr. Pyatt
Galactic Yetis Mr. Leimer
Aggressive Dinos Mr. Rozmaryn
Radioactive Ninja Duckies Mr. Heath
Golden Turtles Mr. Dowell
Pirate Octopuses Mr. Scher