Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Chaplain Aide

Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to promote reverence and religious emblems work by Scouts in the troop.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Promote reverence to God within the troop.
Close troop meetings with an appropriate reflection.
Prepare Scouts' Own nonsectarian services for troop outings.
Make Scouts aware of religious emblems they can earn for their faith.  Present information on this at least once per year.
Explore and publicize in the troop opportunities related to reverence to God - Scout Sabbath, prayer walks, and so on.
Help establish a welcoming and respectful environment for all in Troop 202.
Eligibility: First Class rank or higher, unless special approval is given by the Scoutmaster
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