Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Patrol Grubmaster

Description: The Grubmaster serves as menu planner and food shopper for his patrol for a particular campout.  The role rotates to a different Scout for each campout so that the boys have a chance to complete rank requirements related to planning and cooking meals.
Reports To: Patrol Leader
Determine how many patrol members will be attending the outing.
Plan a healthy menu that is suitable for the weather and other conditions of the outing.  Get the menu approved by an adult (your Patrol Advisor) prior to shopping.
Ensure that the food shopping can be completed within the budget for patrol grub.  The budget is usually $2 per person per meal, and $1 per person per cracker barrel (snack).
Shop for the food and bring it to the campout.  Make sure that it is stored consistent with the safe storage guidelines for the particular food items.  Use a cooler and ice for items that require refrigeration.
Work with the Patrol Leader to utilize patrol members for cooking and cleanup assignments according to the patrol duty roster.  The Grubmaster does not do all of the cooking and cleanup, but supervises it.
As soon as possible following the outing, submit receipts for reimbursement.
Properly distribute, donate, or dispose of any leftover food.
Eligibility: Any member of the patrol who is attending the outing may serve as Grubmaster.
Grubmaster Budget
Patrol Menu Planner
Patrol Chuck Box Inventory
Patrol Duty Roster
Camp Cooking Resources