Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Order of the Arrow Troop Representative

Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to represent the troop to the local Order of the Arrow chapter and lodge, and to promote Order of the Arrow participation by troop members.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Promote the Order of the Arrow as the honor society and service brotherhood of Scouting.
Urge troop members to take part in weekend campouts and summer camp.
Urge older Scouts to take part in high adventure activities.
Host Order of the Arrow chapter representatives and encourage troop attendance for the annual troop election.
Communicate to Scouts the requirements for eligibility to be on the troop's Order of the Arrow ballot.
Ensure that Ordeal candidates from the troop understand the place and time of the Ordeal and what to bring with them.
Encourage Ordeal members to pursue Brotherhood when they become eligible.
Be a role model for friendship and service in the troop.  Set a good example and show Scout Spirit.
Attend Troop 202 and Quanasita Chapter Order of the Arrow meetings.
Eligibility: Member of the Order of the Arrow with dues paid
Troop 202 Order of the Arrow webpage
Quanasita Chapter - Jaccos Towne Lodge