Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Patrol Leader

Description: Elected by the patrol to lead patrol meetings and activities.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader
Appoint an Assistant Patrol Leader who will function as Patrol Leader in his absence.
Represent the patrol at Patrol Leader Council meetings.  Report back to the patrol on plans and responsibilities for troop meetings and outings.
Plan and lead patrol meetings and outings.
Submit information to the adult webmaster to update your patrol's page of the youth website (found at the bottom of the website menu).
Keep track of patrol member attendance at troop and patrol meetings. If patrol members miss meetings, understand why and encourage them to participate.
Monitor the morale and performance of the patrol, and seek help from other resources when there are issues.  Available resources include the Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Patrol Advisor, and Scoutmaster.
Help members of the patrol advance to First Class rank, either by teaching the required skills or by arranging for other resources to be available.
Appoint a patrol Quartermaster who will keep track of all patrol equipment between outings and will supervise cleaning of the equipment after each outing.
Know the requirements for the National Patrol Award, and work with the patrol to earn it.
Eligibility: A member in good standing of the patrol
Patrol Leader Handbook
Duty Roster
Patrol Election Form