Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Quartermaster (and Assistant Quartermasters)


Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to manage troop equipment and see that it is kept in good working order.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader; the troop Quartermaster must have previously served as Assistant Quartermaster
Keep an accurate inventory of the troop's gear, including replacement cost of each item.
Maintain records of purchases, model numbers, spare parts, repair parts, use instructions, and other documentation related to troop gear.
Run a reliable check-out and check-in system for gear used by Scouts.  Ensure that gear checked out is ready for use, and returned gear is clean, inspected, and ready for next use.
Work with the youth planner for each troop outing to determine the equipment needed for camping and activities.  Arrange to have the equipment available for the outing, and for it to be turned in and inspected upon return.
Instruct Scouts in the troop on the proper use and care of equipment.
Develop (with assistance from the adult mentor to the Quartermaster) a plan to replace worn out gear over time.
Eligibility: First Class rank or higher, unless special approval is given by the Scoutmaster
Equipment Inspection Tags
Troop 202 Tents
Troop 202 Tarps
Patrol Chuck Box Inventory
Tent & Tarp Assignment for Cleaning/Repair