Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN



Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to keep accurate records of troop information and meetings.  Serves as Secretary for communications outside the troop.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Act as recording secretary for Patrol Leader Council meetings, in particular noting agreements and action items.  Clearly note the timeframe and accountability for each follow-up item.
Take attendance at troop meetings and gatherings.  Submit the attendance records to the adult Activities Coordinator for entry into Troopmaster.
Keep the troop record book up-to-date.  The book should note all meetings, outings, and events of the troop.  Obtain the leather-bound book from the previous Scribe, and have it ready to pass on to the next Scribe.
Write letters on behalf of the troop.  These may be letters of inquiry, thank-you, invitation, or other purpose.  Work with the adult mentor to the Scribe in determining the need and content of a letter.  Use troop letterhead or cards (link below).  Whenever appropriate, have Scouts in the troop sign the note or card.
Work with the youth Webmaster to provide information on upcoming meetings for the youth website.
Eligibility: First Class rank or higher, unless special approval is given by the Scoutmaster
Troop 202 Stationery Letterhead (print on quality paper)
Troop 202 Foldable Note Card (print on cardstock)
Troop leather-bound record book (obtain from previous Scribe)