Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Troop Guide of Advancement

Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to increase understanding of the advancement process and awareness of other awards and achievements that are available.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader, Scoutmaster
Mentor: Advancement Chair
Become familiar with rank advancement requirements and processes, and be able to serve as a resource to Scouts who have questions.
This position is primarily a resource to Scouts older than first year Scouts, since the first year patrols have dedicated Troop Guides to assist them.
Research and share information about optional awards and achievements that are available in Scouting.
Share information about advancement events in the district and council.
Meet with individual Scouts or groups of Scouts to understand their advancement progress or frustrations, and to help them get "un-stuck" if needed.
Publicize advancement accomplishments of Scouts in the troop.
Encourage Scouts to achieve beyond the basic requirements, earning recognitions such as National Outdoor Awards, the National Award for Outdoor Achievement, William T. Hornaday Awards, Mile Swim, Lifesaving BSA, etc.
Challenge Eagle Scouts to remain active and earn Eagle Palms and other awards.
Conduct periodic quality control checks on the youth sign-off process for rank advancements in Troop 202.
Eligibility: Star rank or higher, unless special approval is given by the Scoutmaster
Boy Scout Handbook
BSA Guide to Advancement
Crossroads of America Council website
Troop 202 Scout & Parent Handbook