Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN



NOTE: In Troop 202, the youth website is now updated by multiple youth leaders, not by a single Webmaster.
Description: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to maintain the youth portion of the troop website.
Reports To: Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Maintain the four main parts of the youth website:  Our Patrols, Our Plans, Our History, and Scout Blog.
Obtain information as needed from the SPL, Scribe, Historian, and Patrol Leaders to maintain and update the youth portion of the troop website.
Adhere to the Troop 202 internet security rules regarding content and methods.
Ensure that information posted is not just the Webmaster's opinion, but is consistent with what the appropriate youth leader intends to communicate --- information from the SPL about upcoming plans, information from the Patrol Leader about the patrol's accomplishments, and so on.
Keep all content Scout-appropriate and suitable for the audience of current and prospective Scouts.
Work with the adult mentor to submit information to post.
Eligibility: First Class rank or higher, unless special approval is given by the Scoutmaster
Youth Webmaster Job Details